Disco tendencies



we are disco tendencies


From Atlanta, GA

Vocals / Alex Rogers

Drums / Scott Dickson

Bass / Gil Templeton

Guitar / Jeff Axelrod

Guitar / Matt Payne

Disco Tendencies are a band to watch in the Atlanta music scene. Drawing from elements of rock, funk and jam, they form an accessible sound that’s just as captivating live as it is on their album. Disco Tendencies’ songs work within a loosely defined, yet immediately recognizable framework, where songs are subject to a complete tonal shift at the drop of a hat. Listeners have likened the band’s sound to a range of acts such as The Black Crowes, Kings of Leon and Sublime.

Comparisons to these bands may be primarily born out of the vocal style of front man, Alex Rogers, whose bouncy and talented delivery helps the rock band stand out from others within its circle. Electric guitar duties are shared between Matt Payne’s spot-on funky, bluesy riffs and Jeff Axelrod’s precise, yet unpredictable shredding capabilities. The rhythm backbone consists of drummer, Scott Dickson, and bassist, Gil Templeton, who have over a decade of experience together—working in lockstep to lay down groovy textures and frantic crescendos alike. 

Disco Tendencies generally play in bars and music venues in the Atlanta area. They’re known to bring a crowd with them, drawing everyone from young party goers to local music fans with tie-dyes and grey ponytails.





by Disco Tendencies




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Upcoming shows 

january 27, 2018             Aisle 5                     Atlanta, GA

april 14, 2018           smith's olde bar           atlanta, ga